Code of Conduct for Student

  1. The College recognizes and values the diversity of student experiences and expectations, and is committed to treating students academically and morally, in a fair and transparent manner. All students, in turn, are required to reciprocate this gesture by complying with the requirements set down in the College Rules and Regulations thus shall be obedient, tolerant, disciplined and be well behaved at all times.
  2. Truancy, conspiracy, fighting or any form of criminal tendency and immoral or unethical behaviour are prohibited.
  3. No visitor is permitted to loiter around the College premises with any student during school hours.
  4. General visitors are requested to obtain clearance from College Security Agents before checking in to the College Campus.
  5.  Indiscriminate littering or insanitary disposal of waste is prohibited within the College premises.
  6. Every student shall maintain high standard of personal hygiene and environmental Sanitation and shall be required to put on the approved College apron/regalia befitting of health professionals in training.
  7. The College Management will view as a serious offence, any student who spoil, damage or destroy in whole or in part, any property of the College or property of any member of the College Community.
  8. Any student that failed the probation examination conducted for every programmes of the College will be advised to withdraw from such programme.
  9. Any student who is advised to withdraw, dismissed or rusticated from the College Community shall be required to vacate the College premises within twenty four (24) hours with effect from the date of such pronouncement.
  10. Cultism is strictly prohibited in the College.
  11.  Student Union Government Organisation is not allowed in the College until further notice.
  12. Recognized students’ Professional Associations and Religious fellowship programmes must be registered with appropriate authority of the College and given official approval before such is allowed to operate in the College.
  13.  No person or student shall aid or be seen to engage in examination malpractices.
  14. Any student who fails to pay the required percentage of the College fees and failed to be registered as a student of a Department within the stipulated time shall forfeit his studentship and henceforth will not be regarded as a student of the College.
  15.  Any person who jointly or severally violates any of the provisions of these Regulations shall upon being indicted by the Disciplinary Committee be liable to rustication, suspension, pay damages for injury inflicted or loss incurred and handled over to law enforcement agencies.
  16. The College Management may institute legal action against any person or student who commits an offence under these Rules and Regulations or who aids, abets or incites any person to commit an offence under same and may for that purpose report such person to the law enforcement agencies for necessary action.

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