Code of conduct for staff

Academic Staff

1. An academic staff shall teach his courses at scheduled times, and thoroughly. Teaching and research in the various disciplines shall be of high standards.

2. An academic staff shall constantly improve his knowledge in his areas of expertise.
3. An academic staff shall not relate to his students in a way that could compromise or be seen to have compromised his position as a teacher, examiner and guardian
4. An academic staff shall not favour any student by disclosing examination questions before the scheduled time for such examinations or by awarding unearned grades or by acting in any other manner inconsistent with his or her status as an Examiner.
5. An academic staff shall not plagiarise the work or works of other authors.
6. An academic staff shall attend official meetings regularly and promptly.
7. The Provost, Registrar, Heads of Departments, and other constituted bodies shall promptly investigate any breach of this code that is reported to them in writing. Such officers and bodies shall take decisions commensurate with their level of authority or refer the matter to such a person or body that has authority to act on the matter.
8. An academic staff shall not disclose the contents of a confidential document or official information without approval of the appropriate authority.
9. An academic staff should please note that under the current 2 block semester system, he/she has only few weeks to deliver, so he/she can’t afford to start lectures late or miss classes. Inability to start lectures in the first week of class means the course would have to be re-allocated. (Please, collect a copy of the Code of Conduct for lecturers from the Provost’s office).

Non-Teaching Staff

1. A non-teaching staff shall not disclose the contents of a confidential document or official information without proper authority. 2. A non-teaching staff shall not delay official work, official correspondence or any official duty.
3. Any official work shall be meticulously carried out to the satisfaction of the College. Any official minutes, notes, correspondences, or such other relevant document shall be properly written to truly reflect the decisions.
4. Prompt and courteous attention should be the hallmark of a College staff.

All Staff

1. A member of staff shall not be a member of, or belong to, or take part in any society the membership of which is incompatible with the functions or dignity of his/her office.
2. A member of staff shall not use profound or abusive language in dealings with other staff members or students.
3. All staff shall sign an oath of allegiance statement on appointment to keep the confidential matters of the College committed to his/her trust by virtue of his/her position throughout his/her period of stay with the college and three years after leaving the employment of the College.
4. All staff shall resign their appointments in accordance with the existing college policy and regulations on appointment.
5. All staff shall give adequate notice (as stipulated in the Regulations) to the appropriate officer of the College and obtain prior approval before travelling out of the College or before extending their approved to stay either in Nigeria or overseas.
6. A College staff shall not accept, obtain, or cause any person to accept, or attempt to obtain from any persons, for himself or for any other person, any gift or consideration as an inducement of reward for doing or forbearing to do any act in relation to College affairs or business or for showing or forbearing to show favour or disfavour in matters relating to the College.
7. It shall be the duty of every member of staff to keep and preserve any College property entrusted to him with due care and diligence. If the College sustains a loss by reason of neglect or default of a member of staff, he shall, as far as practicable, be liable to make good the loss or damage. The assessment of what is payable shall be 60% of the cost of the damaged item or as determined by the College, but this shall be without prejudice to the recommendation of any Committee of Enquiry that may be instituted by the College.
8. Any sum of money due to such a member of staff from the College may be withheld in partial or full satisfaction of such a loss or damage.
9. Prompt and courteous attention to work schedules should be the hall mark of all College staff. Salaries/emoluments due to staff may be withheld for non completion of urgent tasks.
10. In order to enhance best practices in our system, the staff of the Bursary Department and those in the Examination & Records should be allowed to do their work without undue interference. Accordingly, staff should refrain from lobbying for grades on behalf of students because such constitutes misconduct on the part of erring staff.
11. Any member of staff who wishes to stand as a guarantor for payment of student’s College fees shall be ready to forfeit his or her monthly remuneration commensurate to such amount if the student fails to pay such money within the stipulated time.

The Codes of Conduct stated above shall be binding on all staff (Academic and Non Academic) and where there is the need for sanctions; recourse shall be made to the existing statutes, ordinances, regulations and rules as appropriate.

Sexual Harassment Policy

1. The College is committed to providing a work environment in which student and employees are able to learn and work without physical or verbal sexual harassment.
2. The College will not allow submission to or rejection of sexual relations or sexual harassment conduct by an employee or applicant for employment or student to be used as a condition of employment or as a basis for employment or admission decisions.
3. The College will not allow verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with anyone’s learning or work performance to create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive learning or working environment.
4. Subjection of a student or employee to unwelcome sexual advances or verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature may constitute sexual harassment. Any employee found to be engaging in sexual harassment of a student or another employee will be subject to disciplinary action including termination of appointment.
5. Sexual harassment, like other forms of intimidation, not only violates the College policy, but also violates the law of human dignity. Any employee or student who feels he or she is being sexually harassed should immediately notify the offending person that such actions are unwelcome.
6. Any employee who believes he or she is being sexually harassed or is aware of the occurrence of sexual harassment in violation of this policy should contact his or her supervisor, the appropriate senior officer of the College, or the Registrar.
7. All complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated in a most confidential manner possible.
8. The employee(s) involved in the complaint will be informed of the results of the investigation.

Definition of Misconduct

1. Misconduct as relevant to the College regulations means general behaviour to the prejudice of the good name or reputation of the College, any act of indiscipline or improper behaviour to the administration of the College.
2. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, misconduct includes corruption, dishonesty, drunkenness in the course of duty; false claims against the College or any of its constituent parts; insubordination, negligence of duty, falsification, suppression or unauthorized disclosure of accounts or record, unauthorized dissemination or disclosure of College information or records; conviction for criminal offences other than traffic offences; absence from duty without excuse; the performance of any other acts, which are inconsistent with, or failure to perform acts, which are essential to proper execution of the duties for which the employee was engaged; failure to appear before or to answer questions satisfactorily in any investigation before any person or body designated by the College or any of its constituted bodies for the purpose of investigating any matter provided for in or arising out of any of the affairs of the College, or the conditions of service or the Code of Conduct.
3. For the avoidance of doubt, misconduct includes any act or omission, which has the effect of embarrassing or tarnishing the good name of, or bringing into ridicule, the College, including the Governing Board and the officers of the College”.


1. Any act of misconduct shall be reported to the Provost in writing, who shall set up an Investigation Panel to investigate and report to him within one week.
2. If a true case of misconduct is thereafter fully established against such member of staff, the Provost shall suspend such staff from office (on half payment) pending the final determination of the case by a committee which shall be set up by the Provost within three weeks from the date of suspension.
3. The final report shall thereafter be submitted to the College Governing Board for a final decision.

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