Scholarships, Financial Aid and Fees


  1. All fees paid are not refundable or transferable.
  2. Students who are successful in the probation examination to be conducted within 3 months of resumption and whose result(s) have been verified and certified will thereafter pay indexing fee to the appropriate national examination and regulatory bodies.
  3. The use of Handouts by lecturers under any guise IS NOT ALLOWED IN THE COLLEGE
  4. Only approved textbooks in line with students training curriculum and customized College study materials (prepared by course lecturers and published by the College) is allowed for use in the College.
  5. All approved textbooks and customized study materials shall be managed by the College bookshop.
  6. No individual or group is allowed to sell books/study materials directly to the students.
  7. Every student shall be provided with approved textbooks and study materials after full payment of all college fees.
  8. Members of Academic and Non-Academic Staff are warned not to collect fees not approved from students for whatsoever reason and any student who pays funds not receipted by the bursary or approved by the College Authority to any staff does so at his/her own risk.
  9. Every student admitted to the college is expected to dress in the approved uniform for health professionals in training in line with professional practice requirement for each programme. The College will make arrangement to ensure that uniforms purchased by students are sown in an approved style by the various professional bodies.
  10. Pending the time the College hostel and staff quarters will be constructed, the College Management is making arrangements for hostel accommodation for students and staff with private developers at a very affordable rate. Students shall be responsible for their accommodation during Practicals outside Ajase-Ipo.

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Scholarships AND Financial Aid

Scholarship and Financial Aids towards payment of tuition and textbooks for brilliant students will be made known to all students later. However, every student should understand that qualification for such scholarship and financial aids shall be by competition on merit and shall be available only to students that have spent at least a year in the College and have passed the examinations for the first academic session. Details will be made available on the website.